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.:: Contestants ::.


Quartz (Prasiolite)

Species: First Class / Rock Demon

He gets a kick out of taunting people which tend to get him into trouble. He does not care much about rules and would gladly cheat to get what he wants. He acts as Saffron’s caretaker. 


                 He always wanted to have a pet golem.

                 He is the son of the village chieftain.

                 In the spinoff, “The Forest”, it is revealed that his mother was pregnant when he and Saff left for the tournament.

                 The rocks that grow out of his arms are prasiolite quartz while his horns are clear quartz.


Quartz (Hematite)

Species: First Class / Rock Demon

He was created to replace the old Quartz. Although the preparations for his creation was done by Saff and Ramia, it was ultimately Lord Devil who brought him back. He is made to look and act like Quartz, but he is not the same person.


                 His jacket belongs to Lord Devil.

                 His floating spires are composed of hematite quartz while his horns are hematoid phantom quartz.



Species: Second Class / Blood Demon

He is one of the few remaining demons of his kind ever since the “raid”. He has a hobby of collecting blood samples and admires/is terrified of Sorian. 


                Although blood demons in general can repair wounds instantly, he still hasn’t mastered it completely. Because of this, he always has a scar on his chest. 

                He was found and taken in by Quartz after being abandoned by his own clan. 



Species: Second Class / Forest Demon

Rank: 7

A slightly pompous and very opinionated young demon who likes to talk about himself. He is faced with Ren during the Puantacca rounds.


                 His nickname “Flower Prince” was made popular by Elba. 

                 Due to an incident in the academy he studied in, he was constantly ostracized by his fellow peers. He only started making friends in the tournament.

                 His outfit is a modified version of his school uniform.



Species: Nondemon / Beast

Rank: 8

Easily irritated but good-natured to those he is close with. He joined the tournament in the hopes of lobbying for the rights of nondemonic species, specifically, beasts.


                 His chest fluff is really soft.

                 He is naturally protective of children. 



Species: Second Class / War Demon

Rank: 2

Cool and aloof.



.:: Authority | Hell ::.

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.:: Authority | Heaven ::.

.:: Others ::.


The Assassin

Species: First Class / Mind Demon

A nameless but opportunistic assassin hired by Lord Devil as another “test” for Nero. He is the first to experience Hell Kitchen’s wrath.


                 Remember his outfit because it becomes important later.

                 His horns are hidden under his hood.


The Last Human

Species: Nondemon / Human

The last human to be abducted before the ban. He survived long enough to meet the Pafhelo Clan. Unfortunately, he was hunted down and killed by a blood demon. 


                  His weapon of choice is a rapier.

                  Despite his horrendous fate, he made friends with demons and nondemons alike during his journeys.


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