(Warning: Contains Spoilers)


Atsushi Ren / Nero

age: 13 (27 Sep)

A shy, soft-hearted transfer student who "accidentally" falls off the school rooftop on his first week. Now, he is stuck in Hell and has to fight his way home.   

Despite his personality, he is a keen observer and can easily spot an assailant’s weakness (with the right encouragement).


  • He is a single child whose mother is a lawyer.
  • His favorite food is omelette.
  • He is socially inept.
  • He has a stuffed toy named Cherurin.



Lord Devil

The King of the Two Hells. He is mischievous, easily-bored and at times, quite mean. 
The main reason why he pulled Ren into Hell in the first place was because he thought it would seem interesting.

In truth, every big decision he has ever made in his reign relies solely on whether or not he could get some entertainment out of it.



  • Despite how it seems, he does have a weakness.
  • He does not have a definite height or eye color.
  • Other than stalking Ren, he has a hobby of collecting landscape paintings.


Pafhelo Sorian

A traveling fighter. Her main goal in life is to make everyone aware that her clan is the most powerful in Hell.

She follows the Pafhelian Code of Gratitude, which is the reason why she is helping Ren win (or survive) the tournament.



  • If there's one thing she's not good at, it's thinking up names. 
  • She dislikes it when people hide things from her.



Coming from a long line of royal servers, she is pressured not to disappoint her ancestors by getting her master into trouble. A difficult feat, considering who her master is.


  • She likes to drink lavender tea.
  • Her mother also worked for Lord Devil.
  • Despite her line of work, she has the potential to act independently if she believes she is correct. 


Hell Kitchen

A specially sealed vault containing unimaginable power hidden within the depths of Hell. 
It occasionally helps Ren in pressing situations.


  • They live in the "lowest part" of Hell.



A good-natured but clueless commentator. He is also one of the Neutral Council’s representative. 


  • His face has been revealed in a bonus comic.
  • He has a growing fanbase in Hell and is considered one of the most popular in the Tournament even though he is not a contestant.


“Father Time”

Is secretly in cahoots with Lord Devil despite his “allegiances”. Whatever favor he is doing for LD is still largely unknown.  He hates being called “Father Time” and calls Lord Devil a geezer.


  • He doesn't show his face for a reason.
  • He has a very overwhelming personality which tends to leak out when he's not careful.


The Assassin

A nameless but opportunistic assassin hired by Lord Devil as another “test” for Nero. He is the first to experience Hell Kitchen’s wrath.





A rock demon. He gets a kick out of taunting people and does not care much about rules and would gladly cheat to get what he wants. He acts as Saffron’s caretaker. 



A blood demon. He is one of the few remaining demons of his kind ever since the “raid”. He has a hobby of collecting blood samples and admires/is terrified of Sorian.